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The soundtrack to ‘Up The Creek’ was released in 1984 on LP and cassette and has been out of print since. There has never been a CD issue, a reissue or a soundtrack for streaming or download.  A single for the song ‘Up The Creek’ was released by Cheap Trick.


1.   Up The Creek - CHEAP TRICK
2.   The Heat - HEART
3.   Thirty Days In The Hole - KICK AXE
4.   Great Expectations - IAN HUNTER
5.   Chasin’ The Sky - THE BEACH BOYS
6.   Ready Boy - SHOOTING STAR
7.   One Track Heart - DANNY SPANOS
8.   Take It - SHOOTING STAR
9.   Two Hearts On The Loose - RANDY BISHOP
10. Get Ready Boy (Instrumental) - SHOOTING STAR
12. Get Ready Boy (Alternate Mix) - SHOOTING STAR
13. Up The Creek (Acapella Intro) - CHEAP TRICK

Up The Creek (1984) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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