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Frequently Asked


  • What Am I Purchasing?
    A special edition soundtrack which was either never created or produced for the film or has been out of print for years. You'll receive a jewel case with custom artwork created for the soundtrack. This is what you are purchasing. The audio recordings contained within are always absolutely free of charge. These free, CD-R soundtracks are all recorded on high quality cd-r containing .wav files. Each disc has artwork printed upon it. The disc should play in any compact disc player labeled to play CD / CDR / CDRW / MP3 / .WAV In many cases, a soundtrack for the film itself was never produced, so, source material has been acquired where it could be located. In most cases digitally or from LP's and cassettes. The sound quality is excellent on most every release and any anomalies present are noted in the credits. All CDs contained are included free of charge with no claim to their quality, copyright or ownership being implied.
  • What If The Item Is Defective?
    Please make sure your audio players can play the CDR format before ordering! If you item is genuinely defective, we will gladly send you a replacement. If your replacement should be defective, you will be issued a prompt refund.
  • Can I Request A Soundtrack?
    Sure! What soundtrack are you looking for? Criteria to consider: Has there ever been a soundtrack to the film? Is the soundtrack currently available?
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