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There was no soundtrack ever created or produced for this 1991 documentary film.



MADONNA                       Express Yourself

MADONNA                       Oh, Father

MADONNA                       Like A Virgin

MADONNA                       Promise To Try

MADONNA                       Holiday

MADONNA                       Live To Tell

MADONNA                       Vogue

MADONNA                       Causing A Commotion

MADONNA                       Family Affair / Keep It Together (Live - Edit)

GUY                                      Teddy’s Jam

GUY                                      Don’t Clap... Just Dance

MIXMASTERS                  In The Mix

MADONNA                       Papa Don’t Preach

BELINDA CARLISLE     Heaven Is A Place On Earth

BURT BACHARACH      Don’t Make Me Over

IRA GERSHWIN              The Man I Love\




MADONNA                             Hanky Panky

MADONNA                             Like A Prayer

MADONNA                             Keep It Together

FIRST CHOICE                      Dr. Love (Album Mix)

MADONNA                             Express Yourself (Non-Stop Express Mix)

MADONNA                             Express Yourself (Local Mix)

MADONNA                             Causing A Commotion (Silver Screen Mix)

MADONNA                             Like A Prayer (12’ Dance Mix)

MADONNA                             Like A Prayer (12” Extended Remix)

MADONNA                             Hanky Panky (Bare Bottom 12” Mix)

MIXMASTERS                        In The Mix (Instrumental)

FIRST CHOICE                      Doctor Love (Dance Mix)


Truth Or Dare (1991) Special Edition 2 CD Soundtrack

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