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The original soundtrack for SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE was released on LP only in the US and went quickly out-of-print. An LP reissue occurred in 2014 and also quickly was out-of-print. The soundtrack has not appeared on CD and no soundtracks were ever released for SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE Parts 2 or 3. Tracks as noted with an * are audio sourced from the DVD.


The Slumber Party Massacre

Ralph Jones - Main Title
Ralph Jones - Stalking The High School
Ralph Jones - Confrontation in the Gymnasium
Ralph Jones - Russ Dreams
Ralph Jones - Snail Hunt

Ralph Jones - Valerie Does Battle
Ralph Jones - Uninvited Guest
Ralph Jones - Meditation Of The Mind Of Russ Thorn

Ralph Jones - End Titles

from Slumber Party Massacre Part 2
Tokyo Convertible
Hell’s Cafe
If Only
Can't Stop Lovin' You *
Don’t Let Go *
Let’s Buzz *

from Slumber Party Massacre Part 3
Opening Credits Theme
Follow Me *
Twist and Scream             


* Audio Sourced From DVD

The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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