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There was no soundtrack ever created or produced for the 1987 film, THE PRINCIPAL - this is it!


  1. JAY GRUSKA        Living In The Line Of Fire
  2. JAY GRUSKA        Funky Jim B
  3. JAY GRUSKA        Our Own Eyes
  4. JAY GRUSKA        Get There Fast
  5. JAY GRUSKA        Schoolyard Chase
  6. JAY GRUSKA          Man And His Motorcycle
  7. SURF MC’S            Gotta Get Air
  8. JELLYBEAN        Jingo
  9. JOHN WAITE        Woman’s Touch
  10. ROB JUNGKLAS    Hello Heaven
  11. STRAFE                Set It Off
  12. JELLYBEAN        Jingo (12” Remix)
  13. STRAFE                Set It Off    (Extended Remix)
  14. STRAFE                Set It Off    (Walter Gibbons 12” Mix)



The Principal (1988) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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