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A soundtrack for the film ‘THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS: The Movie’ was released briefly on LP and cassette before going out-of-print. There has been no reissue since in any format and the title remains out-of-print.


Electricty                                  DAVID LAWRENCE
Big Big Man                             THE BEAT FARMERS
Not A Soul Around               ED KUEPPER
Key To The World                  THE BEAT FARMERS    
One Down Two Down          HYKIM & LADI DIANNA
Follow                                         ED KUEPPER
You Can Be (A Garbage Pail Kid)    JIMMY SCARLETT & THE DIMENSIONS
I’m Ready To Sacrifice           DEBBIE LYTON
Working With Each Other    THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS
One Down Two Down  (Extended Remix)  HYKIM & LADI DIANNA


The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1989) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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