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A soundtrack for THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD was released originally in 1985 as ten tracks on LP, CD, cassette and a picture disc LP. In 2015, RYKO Records

re-released a ten track version on CD and LP.  All versions are currently out-of-print. This special edition contains six additional songs as heard in the film plus one alternate mix!


  1. TSOL   Nothing For You
  2. FRANCIS HAINES  The Trioxin Theme (Main Title)
  3. LUIGI BOCCHERINI String Quartet In E Major Op 13. No. 5
  4. BEETHOVEN  Bagatelle In A Minor WoO 59 Fugue
  5. THE DAMNED Deadbeat Dance
  6. THE FLESHEATERS Eyes Without A Face
  7. SSQ  Trash’s Theme (Instrumental)
  8. SSQ  Tonight (We’ll Make Love Until We Die)
  9. 45 GRAVE  Partytime (Zombie Version)
  10. NORBERT SCHULTZE  Pamnzer Rollen in Afrika Vor
  11. THE JET BLACK BERRIES  Love Under Will
  12. FRANCIS HAINES  Acid Rain (Instrumental)
  13. TALL BOYS  Take A Walk
  14. FRANCIS HAINES  Looking For Freddie (Instrumental)
  15. THE CRAMPS  Surfin’ Dead
  16. ROKY ERICKSON  Burn The Flames
  17. 45 GRAVE  Partytime (Album Version)

The Return Of The Living Dead (1985) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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