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Although the film's soundtrack features alternative artists such as Bad Religion, Rancid, The Offspring, Down by Law, NOFX, Rollins Band, Suede, and One Dove, a soundtrack album by Epitaph Records was originally intended to be released in March 1994, but was not. No soundtrack was ever released for the film.


ONE DOVE                  Breakdown
ROLLINS BAND        Shine
SUEDE                          The Next Life
RANCID                        Adina
THE OFFSPRING      Take It Like A Man
RANCID                       The Bottle
BAD RELIGION        Two Babies In The Dark
THE OFFSPRING     Forever And A Day
NOFX                            Please Play This Song On The Radio
DOWN BY LAW        Our Own Way
NOFX                           Warm
ONE DOVE                Breakdown [William Orbit Stereo Edit]
ONE DOVE                Breakdown [Cellophane Boat Mix]
ONE DOVE                Breakdown [William Orbit Stereo Odyssey]
ONE DOVE                Breakdown [Squire Black Dove Rides Out]




The Chase (1994) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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