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A soundtrack for THE CANNONBALL RUN II was released originally on LP only in Japan. There has been no reissue in any format and the soundtrack remains out-of-print. This special edition contains four bonus tracks.


01. The Kung Fu Express
       Power On
02. Time Five & The Kung Fu Express
       Dragon Lord
03. Time Five & The Kung Fu Express
       The Joker Went Wild
04. Ray Stevens
       The Cannonball
05. Tachio Akano
       Miracle Guy
06. Time Five
       Training Montage
07. Time Five
       Playing Nurse
08. Jackie Chan
       Theme From The Young Master
09. Time Five
       Chasing The White Fan
10. The Kung Fu Express
       China Girl
11. The Kung Fu Express
       Crazy Monkey
12. Time Five
       Lesson Of Kung Fu
13. The Kung Fu Express
       Kung Fusion
14. Time Five
       Theme From The Master With Cracked Fingers
15. Diana Ross
       Stop (In The Name Of Love)
16. Menudo
       Like A Cannonball (English Version)
17. Menudo
       Like A Cannonball (Espanol Version)
18. Menudo
       Like A Cannonball (English & English Version)

The Cannonball Run II (1983) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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