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A soundtrack for CANNONBALL RUN was released originally on LP and cassette in the US and Japan before disppearing from print. There has been no reissue in any format and the soundtrack remains unreleased. This special edition contains all 13 songs found on the original plus one bonus track.


01. Ray Stevens
       The Cannonball
02. Al Capps
       Here Comes Da’ Sheik
03. Al Capps
       T-T-Turn Left!
04. Al Capps
       Hong Kong
05. Al Capps
       Moore On The Scene
06. Lou Rawls
       Love Is On The Air
07. Al Capps
       Beauty’s Theme
08. Lou Rawls
       If And When
09. Ray Stevens
       Just For The Hell Of It
10. Al Capps
       Moore Of The Same
11. Chuck Mangione
       The Cannonball Run
12. Al Capps
       Captain Chaos Strikes
13. California Children’s Chorus
       You’ve Gotta Have A Dream
14. Ray Stevens
       Cannonball (Karaoke Version)



The Cannonball Run (1981) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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