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A soundtrack for the 1970 film THE BALLAD OF CABLE HOGUE went unreleased until 2001 when a limited edition of 3000 CD’s were pressed. The soundtrack remains out-of-print in any format.


01. Tomorrow Is The Song I Sing (Main Title)
02. The Water Hole
03. New Lodgings
04. The Preacher
05. Hasty Exit
06. Wait For Me, Sunrise
07. A Soothing Hand
08. A Death In The Family
09. The Rattlesnakes
10. The Flag
11. The Guest
12. Butterfly Mornin’s
13. Three Hours Early
14. Hogue And Hildy
15. Hildy Leaves
16. Waiting
17. Hildy Returns
18. The Eulogy
19. Wait For Me, Sunrise (End Title)
20. Tomorrow Is The Song I Sing (Alternate End Title)



The Ballad Of Cable Hogue (1970) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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