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This is a special edition soundtrack to the 1985 film 'Summer Rental',  directed by Carl Reiner and starring John Candy. There was no soundtrack released for the film upon its original releases in 1985.


In 2014, a limited edition soundtrack of just the instrumental, incidental music was released. This special edition soundtrack collects seven songs as heard in the film along with the twelve tracks of incidental music. There has been no reissue of any kind. 
The special edition version contains 14 tracks and sounds fantastic!


  • JIMMY BUFFETT - Turning Around


    KENNY LOGGINS - Footloose

    JACK JONES - The Love Boat Theme

    JOHNNY MERCER - Tangerine

    THE PIONEERS - Hot Blooded Man

    HAROLD FALTERMEYER - Axel F [1987 Remix]



    Main Titles

    Here We Go

    Volleyball Game

    I'm a Sailor / First Sailing Trip

    The Sea / I Still Love You

    It Could Work / Our Own Luck

    Dad and Daughters

    Waiting for Angust

    The Race Begins / The Race Part II / End of Race

    End Credits



Summer Rental (1985) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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