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A soundtrack for SPIES LIKE US was issued in 1985 on LP, cassette and CD. A limited edition of 1000 soundtracks was reissued on CD in 2003. Both versions are out-of-print. This special edition combines the Elmer Bernstein soundtrack with seven versions of the Paul McCartney penned themed song plus a bonus track!


1.  The Ace Tomato Company
2.  Off To Spy
3.  Russians In The Desert
4.  Pass In The Tent
5.  Escape
6.  To The Bus
7.  The Road To Russia
8.  Rally 'Round
9.   W.A.M.P.
10. Martian Act
11. Arrest
12. Recall
13. Winners
14. Spies Like Us [7” Single] by Paul McCartney
15. Spies Like Us [Full Length Mix] by Paul McCartney
16. Spies Like Us [Party Mix] by Paul McCartney
17. Spies Like Us [Alternative Mix] by Paul McCartney
18. Spies Like Us [DJ Mix] by Paul McCartney
19. Spies Like Us [Art Of Noise Remix] by Paul McCartney
20. Spies Like Us [Demo] by Paul McCartney
21. Soul Finger by The Bar-Kays

Spies Like Us (1985) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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