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A soundtrack for the 1982 film SIX PACK was released as an incidental score only in the U.S.. It appeared on cassette and LP before quickly disappearing from print. The ten song soundtrack was never produced or created for the film. This special edition combines the Charles Fox score with ten songs as heard in the film.


  1. KENNY ROGERS - Love Will Turn You Around
  2. CRYSTAL GAYLE - Hello, I Love You
  3. MERLE HAGGARD - Rainbow Stew
  4. HARRY WARREN - The More I See You
  5. TANYA TUCKER - Texas When I Die
  6. ALABAMA - Mountain Music
  7. CONWAY TWITTY & LORETTA LYNN - I Can’t Love You Enough
  8. JIM CROCE - I Got A Name
  9. DORIS DAY - Que Sera, Sera
  10. CHARLES FOX - Nothing But Sky And Me
  11. CHARLES FOX - The Race Begins
  12. CHARLES FOX - The Will To Win
  13. CHARLES FOX - Heading Home
  14. CHARLES FOX - Trapped By Six Orphans
  15. CHARLES FOX - The Atlanta 500
  16. CHARLES FOX - The Chase Scene
  17. CHARLES FOX - Looking For Breezy
  18. CHARLES FOX - Training Montago
  19. CHARLES FOX - Shreveport



Six Pack (1982) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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