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There was no soundtrack ever produced or created for this 1987 film -- this is it!


Every Good Girl Falls*          CAMERON DYE
No Way To Treat A Lady*    CAMERON DYE    
Listen To My Heartbeat      CAMERON DYE    
I Was Just Asking                  CAMERON DYE & CATHERINE MARY STEWART
Stand Up And Shoot             PRECIOUS METALS
Good Girls Don’t                      THE KNACK         
Rockamerica                             NICK GILDER
The Seeker                               JAMES HOUSE
Play To Win*                              CAMERON DYE
My Old Street                           BOBBY WOODS
Lonely Dancer*                        CATHERINE MARY STEWART
Time Enough For Love          JAMES HOUSE


* indicates audio was sourced from the film.


Scenes From The Goldmine (1987) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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