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A soundtrack for the 1985 film ROCKY IV was released on cassette, picture disc, CD and LP in many countries upon its release. It featured the hit 7” singles “Eye Of The Tiger” and “Burning Heart” by SURVIVOR, “Living In America’ by JAMES BROWN, “Hearts On Fire” by JOHN CAFFERTY  and “No Easy Way Out” By ROBERT TEPPER.  This special edition contains three bonus songs as  heard in the film (but not on the original  soundtrack as  well as a bonus disc of  dance remixes and instrumental versions.



  1       Burning Heart - SURVIVOR
  2       Hearts On Fire - JOHN CAFFERTY
  3       Double or Nothing - KENNY LOGGINS & GLADYS KNIGHT
  4       Eye Of The Tiger - SURVIVOR
  5       War/Fanfare from Rocky IV - VINCE DeCOLA
  6       Living in America - JAMES BROWN
  7       No Easy Way Out - ROBERT TEPPER
  8       One Way Street - GO WEST
  9       The Sweetest Victory - TOUCH
10       Training Montage - VINCE DeCOLA
            BONUS TRACKS
11        Man Against The World* - SURVIVOR
12        Eye Of The Tiger (Rocky IV Version) - SURVIVOR
13        Living In America (7” Single Version) - JAMES BROWN

14        Hearts On Fire (Original Version) - JOHN CAFFERTY
15        National Anthem of the USSR
16        The Chipmunk Song - ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS



  1         Burning Heart (Ultra Traxx Remix) - SURVIVOR
  2         Eye Of The Tiger (Ultrasound Log 12” Mix) - SURVIVOR
  3         No Easy Way Out (Full Length Version) - ROBERT TEPPER
  4         Living In America (R & B Dance Mix) - JAMES BROWN
  5         Burning Heart (Instrumental) - SURVIVOR
  6         Eye Of The Tiger (Instrumental) - SURVIVOR
  7         Eye Of The Tiger (Jimi Jamison Version) - SURVIVOR
  8         Eye Of The Tiger (Demo) - SURVIVOR



Rocky IV (1985) 2 CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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