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The original soundtrack for Poltergeist III had a limited release on CD in the US and Germany as well as on LP in Brazil. It has been out of print over 30 years with no reissue in any format.  Soundtrack is by Joe Renzetti.


1. Meet The Friendly Window Washer (4:05)
2. This Is My Cousin Donna (4:17)
3. Music Lessons For The Over Achiever (5:16)
4. When Statues Move (4:23)
5. Skinny Dipper’s Blues (4:44)
6. We’re Back (4:48)
7. Mirror Mirror On The Wall (4:41)
8. Rescue Me (3:49)
9. Ending (3:08)
10. Jungle Music by Simon Stokes (4:02)

Poltergeist III (1988) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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