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A soundtrack for the 1986 film PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED was released originally as a nine track collection on LP and cassette worldwide and on CD in Japan. A limited edition reissue of the soundtrack occurred in 2014 and contained twenty songs, including the John Barry score. This special edition contains nine bonus songs as heard in the film. The soundtrack remains out-of-print.


1.       BUDDY HOLLY - Peggy Sue Got Married
2.      Blood Drive 1960
3.      Peggy Sue’s Homecoming
4.      Sleep, Baby
5.      The Silent Treatment
6.      Time Is Like a Burrito
7.      Grandmother Calls
8.      Date With Charlie
9.      Peggy Sue With Michael
10.    Did We Break Up?
11.    Charlie’s Unplayed Guitar
12.    Peggy Sue Visits Her Grandparents
13.    The Ritual
14.    Charlie’s Proposal
15.    Charlie, I Had the Strangest Experience
16.    DION & THE BELMONTS - I Wonder Why
17.    NICOLAS CAGE w PRIDE & JOY - He Don’t Love You
18.    DION & THE BELMONTS - A Teenager in Love
19.    MARSHALL CRENSHAW - You Belong To Me
20.    ALEXANDER BORODIN - Dance of the Polovtsian Maidens
          Bonus Tracks
21.    THE CHAMPS - Tequila
22.    LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS - Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Pop
23.    THE DIAMONDS - The Stroll
24.    LLOYD PRICE - Just Because
25.    JIMMY CLANTON - Just A Dream
26.    PHIL UPCHURCH COMBO - You Can’t Sit Down
27.    THE OLYMPICS - Dance By The Light Of The Moon
28.    THE DURPREES - You Belong To Me
29.    HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS - Finger Poppin’ Time

Peggy Sue Got Married (198) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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