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The soundtrack to ONCE BITTEN was released briefly on LP and cassette after the film’s release in 1985. The original soundtrack contained 12 songs. This version contains 13 songs heard in the film along with five dance remixes!

There has been no official reissue and the soundtrack remains out-of-print.


Once Bitten Performed by 3-Speed
The Picture Performed by Hubert Kah
Face To Face Performed by Real Life
People Living In Shadows Performed by Private  Domain
Blue Night Shadow Performed by Two Of Us
Alive Or Dead Performed by Gifthorse
Hands Off Performed by Maria Vidal
Stop Talking About Us Performed by 3-Speed
You’re On My Mind Performed by Kevin McKnelly
Makes Me Crazy Performed by Moses Tyson Jr.
Just One Kiss Performed by Maria Vidal
Once Bitten Theme Performed by John DuPrez

Once Bitten (1985) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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