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A soundtrack for the 1992 film,  A Nightmare On Elm Street 6: Freddy’s Dead - The Final Nightmare was released on cassette and CD along with the film in 1992.  A score for the film was also released featuring music composed by (not the Queen composer) Brian May.  Both soundtracks are out of print. This special edition soundtrack contains five bonus songs, including three remixes as well as a second disc containing forty tracks of the film score!



  1. GOO GOO DOLLS     I’m Awake Now
  2. JUNK MONKEYS        Everything Remains The Same
  3. GOO GOO DOLLS     You Know What I Mean
  4. JOHNNY LAW              Remember The Night
  5. CHUBB ROCK              Treat ‘Em Right
  6. IGGY POP                      Why Was I Born?
  7. JOHNNY LAW              Hold Me Down
  8. GOO GOO DOLLS     Two Days In February
  9. YOUNG LORDS           Give Me A Beat
  10. FATES WARNING        Nothing Left To Say


11. IRON BUTTERFLY      In-A-Gadda-Davida (Single Version)

12. GOO GOO DOLLS    I’m Awake Now (7" Radio Edit)

13. CHUBB ROCK             Treat’ Em Right (Hip Hop Remix)

14. CHUBB ROCK             Treat’ Em Right (Chubb Mental)

15. CHUBB ROCK             Treat’ Em Right (7’’ Mix)

16. MUSSORGSKY           Night On Bald Mountain



01. Opening Titles
02. Little Girl On Place / Awakening 1
03. Wizard Of Odd
04. Main Title
05. Going My Way /  John On The Bus
06. Slam Dunk
07. Doc’s Dream Theory
08. John’s Eyeball
09. Maggie’s First Dream
10.  The Dream Continues
11. John’s Dream
12. Crossing The Line
13. Van To The Fair
14. No Kids At The Fair
15. Jesus
16. Map Hell
17. Freddy ”101”
18. There’s No Way Out
19. Checking Out The House
20. Carl Starts To Dream
21.  Mama’s Q-Tip
22. Tracy Finds Hearing Aide
23. The Orphanage
24. Ashley Irwin - Video Game Suite
25. Maggie Sees Watertower / Saving Spencer
26. Freddy Wins
27. I Hate This House
28. Freddy Gets John’s Soul
29. Back With Doc
30. Defend Myself
31. Maggie Faces Freddy
32. Tracy’s Dad
33. Tracy And Freddy’s Fight
34. Doc Looks For Tracy / Freddys Out / Dream People
35. It’s Me Or Him
36. Freddy’s Dad
37. Freddy Is Made Forever
38. Freddy Into Reality
39. It’s Me Or Him II
40. Happy Father’s Day

A Nightmare On Elm Street 6 Freddy's Dead (1992) 2 CD Special Edition Soundtrack

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