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This is a special edition soundtrack to the 1983 film 'My Tutor' as well as some of the songs from the film 'Class'.  A soundtrack for ‘My Tutor’ was released briefly with the film in 1983.  Ironically, the credits do not include any of the musicians or singers who performed the songs. All ten tracks from the soundtrack are included. 


Also included are four bonus tracks from the 1983 film, ‘Class.’ There was no soundtrack ever created for the film and only a handful of songs are available from it.


1.  My Tutor
2.  The First Time We Make Love by KATHY BROWN
3.  Aerobics / Work It Out
4.  Aerobics / Push It
5.  Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
6.  Funk-A-Long I
7.  Funk-A-Long II
8.  The First Time We Make Love (Instrumental)
9.  Now You Must Pay
10.Cat House Theme


      BONUS TRACKS from the film 'Class'

11. Holiday In Cambodia by DEAD KENNEDYS
12. Hidin’ From Love by BRYAN ADAMS
13. Little Drummer Boy by JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS
14. Closing Title to “Class” by ELMER BERNSTEIN


Sound is awesome!

My Tutor (1983) + Selections from Class (1983) CD Special Edition Soundtrack

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