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This is a special edition soundtrack to the 1988 mob comedy, 'Married To The Mob' which starred Michelle Pfeiffer and Mathew Modine. The original soundtrack was released on LP, cassette and CD before becoming out-of-print around 1992. The soundtrack remains out of print in any format.

This is NOT the original 10 song CD soundtrack.
This collection includes the original ten soundtrack songs plus four more songs as heard in the film PLUS four dance remixes. Eighteen songs in all!


All digital and sound fantastic!
  • Jump In The River - SINEAD O'CONNOR
  • Bizarre Love Triangle - NEW ORDER
  • Suspicion Of Love - CHRIS ISAAK
  • Liar, Liar - DEBBIE HARRY
  • Time Bums - ZIGGY MARLEY
  • Devil Does Your Dog Bite? - TOM TOM CLUB
  • Goodbye Horses - Q. LAZZARUS
  • Too Far Gone - THE FEELIES
  • You Don’t Miss Your Water - BRIAN ENO

  11. Ghost In A Bikini - THE JUDY'S
  12. Welcome To The Real World - JANE CHILD
  13. Mambo Italiano - ROSEMARY CLOONEY
  14. Isla De Encanta - THE PIXIES
  15. Bizarre Love Triangle (12" Remix) - NEW ORDER
  16. Liar Liar (Extended Remix) - DEBBIE HARRY
  17. Goodbye Horses (Extended Remix) - Q. LAZZARUS
  18. Welcome To The Real World (Francois Kevorkian 12” Extended Remix) - JANE CHILD


Married To The Mob (1988) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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