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This is a special edition film soundtrack for the 1986 gang / breakdance drama, Knights Of The City.  A limited edition ten song soundtrack was released on LP in 1986 but went quickly out-of-print.  A promotional cassette of the soundtrack was also circulated to vendors and record stations.


This special edition version contains an additional nine bonus remixes and tracks not included on the original soundtrack, including tracks from Kurtis Blow and MC Flex and The FBI Crew, both of which were dropped from the final version.


There has been no reissue of this soundtrack in any format and it remains out-of-print.


  1. THE NIGHT BROTHERS  Cry Of The City
  2. NANCY WEST  Contagious
  3. SNAKE  You Can Do It
  4. K.C.   Love Goes Up And Down
  6. BRUCE FISHER  You’re Not The Only One
  7. CARL ANDERSON  Flying
  8. UP FRONT  Can You Feel It
  9. BARBARA MITCHELL  I Won’t Give It Away
  10. THE FAT BOYS  Jailhouse Rap


  1. SHANNON  Let The Music Play
  2. JEFF MUTASH  Dance Teach Down / Street Rap*
  3. THE PRESS  Bed Of Ashes*
  4. KURTIS BLOW   Christmas Rappin’
  5. MC FLEX & THE FBI CREW  Rockin’ It
  6. MC FLEX & THE FBI CREW  Rockin’ It (Dub Mix)
  7. KURTIS BLOW   Christmas Rappin’ (DIY Instrumetal)
  8. SHANNON  Let The Music Play (12” Remix)
  9. FAT BOYS & KURTIS BLOW   Jailhouse Rap (Movie Mix)*

*Audio Sourced from the DVD

Knights Of The City (1986) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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