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Special Edition soundtrack to the 80's teen comedy, 'Just One Of The Guys'.  This soundtrack was released on LP only in 1985 and went out of print in the late 80's. This special edition soundtrack contains all the original songs from the original soundtrack plus four more as heard in the film. It has not been reissued in any form and is not available in stores or for download.


1. JUST ONE OF THE GUYS Performed by Shalamar
2. GIRLS GOT SOMETHING BOYS AIN’T GOT Performed by Midnight Starr
3. TONIGHT YOU’RE MINE BABY Performed by Ronnie Spector
4. PROVE IT TO YOU Performed by Dwight Twilley
5. JEALOUS Performed by Berlin
6. WAY DOWN Performed by Billy Burnette
7. BURNING Performed by Brock & Davis
8. THRILLS Performed by Greg French
9. HARD WAY Performed by Brock & Davis
10. GUY TALK Performed by Tom Scott



11. TROUBLE Performed by Lindsey Buckingham
12. DOWN THE STREET Performed by The Stooges
13. TURN OUT RIGHT Performed by Private Domain

14. COMB MY HAIR (Live) Performed by JGLB

Just One Of The Guys (1985) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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