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A soundtrack for the 1978 film HOOPER was released on LP only in the U.S. and Japan. The soundtrack for the 1983 film STROKER ACE was released as a five track EP and cassette in the U.S. and Canada. Both titles went out-of print shortly after their repspective releases and remained unreleased in any format.


BILL JUSTIS - Rocket Car Theme
BILL JUSTIS - Old James Bonded Bourbon
BILL JUSTIS - Rainbow Stew
BILL JUSTIS - The More I See You
BILL JUSTIS - Texas When I Die
TAMMY WYNETTE - A Player, A Pawn, A Hero, A King
BILL JUSTIS - Fight Scene
BILL JUSTIS - Jocko’s Song
BILL JUSTIS - Rocket Car Theme (Reprise)
Charlie Daniels Band - Strokers Theme
Marshall Tucker Band - Southern Loving
Marshall Tucker Band - Victim Of Life's Circumstances
L arry Gatlin - What Have We Got To Lose
Terri Gibbs - I Feel A Heartache Comin' On
Al Capps - On The Road
Delbert McClinton - Victim Of Life's Circumstances

Hooper (1978) + Stroker Ace (1983) CD Special Edition Film Soundtracks

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