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The soundtrack for Hiding Out  was released on LP, cassette and CD in 1988 and  
went out of print shortly after. The soundtrack has had no reissue in any format
or medium since.


1.   “Live My Life”   Boy George
2.   “Bang Your Head”   Lolita Pop
3.   “Catch Me (I’m Falling)”   Pretty Poison
4.   “You Don’t Know”   Scarlett & Black
5.   “So Different Now”   Felix Cavallera
6.   “Run! Hide!”   All That Jazz
7.   “I Refuse (Route 88)”   Hue & Cry
8.   “Crying”   Roy Orbison & KD Lang
9.    Max For President Rap
10. “Real Life”   Black Britain
11. “Seattle”   PIL
12. “Live My Life” (12” Soul Remix)  Boy George
13. “I Refuse (Route 88)” (Extended Version)  Hue & Cry
14. “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” (12” Mix)  Pretty Poison
15. “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” (Dance Mix)  Pretty Poison
16. “You Don’t Know” (12” Mix)   Scarlett & Black
17. “Seattle” (US 12” Remix)   PIL


Hiding Out (1988) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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