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A two-LP soundtrack for the 1981 film HEAVY METAL was originally released around the world on LP, cassette and 8-Track tape. A sixteen track CD was released in 1995 and 1999 before eventually disappearing from print. A double LP of the original soundtrack was released for the 2018 Record Store Day. This special edition soundtrack contains three bonus songs as well as the twenty-six track Elmer Bernstein score. The full soundtrack remains out-of-print.


Disc One (Soundtrack)

  1. RIGGS    Radar Rider
  2. BLUE OYSTER CULT     Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
  3. DONALD FAGEN    True Companion
  4. RIGGS    Heartbeat
  5. STEVIE NICKS    Blue Lamp
  6. JOURNEY  Open Arms
  7. CHEAP TRICK        Reach Out
  8. DON FELDER        Heavy Metal (Takin’ A Ride)
  10. CHEAP TRICK         I Must Be Dreamin’
  11. NAZARETH        Crazy
  12. DON FELDER         All Of You
  13. TRUST     Prefabricated
  14. SAMMY HAGAR     Heavy Metal
  15. BLACK SABBATH     E5150*
  16. BLACK SABBATH    The Mob Rules
  17. DEVO    Through Being Cool*
  18. DEVO    Working In A Coalmine
  19. KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI  Passacaglia*

*not featured on the original soundtrack

Disc Two (Score)

  1. Beginning
  2. Intro To Green Ball
  3. Discovery Transformation
  4. Den Makes It Out
  5. Castrate Him / Searching For Loc Nar
  6. Queen For A Day
  7. Fiste
  8. Getting Bombed
  9. Green Ball
  10. Dem Bones
  11. No Alarm
  12. Robot Love (Space Love)
  13. Harru
  14. The Next Morning
  15. End Of Baby
  16. Council (Taarna Summoned)
  17. The Flight To Temple
  18. The Sword (Taarna Prepares)
  19. Flight To Holiday Town
  20. Fighting
  21. My Whips / Taarna Escapes The Pit
  22. Finish
  23. Den Makes It Out (Film Version)
  24. Bomber & The Green Ball (Album Edit)
  25. Harry & The Girl (Album Edit)
  26. Barbarians (Album Edit)

Heavy Metal (1981) 2 CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack & Score

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