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Special Edition Film Soundtrack for the 1985 geek comedy, Fraternity Vacation which starred Animal House's John Vernon plus Tim Robbins, Amanda Bearse and Stephan Geoffreys from Fright Night! 


There was no soundtrack ever created or produced for the film -- this is it!


  1. BEGINNERS LUCK by Brad Fiedel
  2. FOOLIN’ NO ONE by Brad Fiedel
  3. DANKE SCHOEN by Wayne Newton
  4. SHY BOY by Bananarama
  5. CRUEL SUMMER by Bananarama
  6. DOCTOR LOVE by Bananarama
  7. MS. GOT THE BODY by Con Funk Shun
  8. RESIST HER by Comateens
  9. COAST TO COAST by The Stompers
  10. ROCK, JUMP & HOLLER by The Stompers

12. SHY BOY (UK Remix) by Bananarama
13. CRUEL SUMMER (12” Version) by Bananarama
14. MS. GOT THE BODY (Long Vocal) by Con Funk Shun
15. CRUEL SUMMER (Swing Beat Dub) by Bananarama

Fraternity Vacation (1986) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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