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A soundtrack for FOUL PLAY was originally released on LP and cassette in 1979 and was out-of-print within a few years. The twelve track soundtrack was reissued on CD in 2016 but has also gone out-of-print. Digital downloads and streaming of the twelve track soundtrack are available. This special edition version contains eight bonus tracks.


BARRY MANILOW          Ready To Take A Chance Again
CHARLES FOX              Help
CHARLES FOX              Beware Of The Dwarf
CHARLES FOX              Love Theme (Instrumental)
BARRY MANILOW          Copacabana
CHARLES FOX              Gloria Falls For Trap
CHARLES FOX              Foul Play Disco
CHARLES FOX              Scarface
CHARLES FOX              Gloria Escapes
CHARLES FOX              Houseboat
CHARLES FOX              Get Me To The Opera
CHARLES FOX              End Title

CAROLE KING                  I Feel The Earth Move
THE BEE GEE’S                Stayin’ Alive
BARRY MANILOW          Copacabana (Full Length Version)
GILBERT & SULLIVAN  Act 1 Overture
GILBERT & SULLIVAN  Act 1 If You Want To Know Who We Are
GILBERT & SULLIVAN  Act 1 Three Little Maids From School
GILBERT & SULLIVAN  Act 1 Finale Act One
THE BEE GEE’S               Stayin’ Alive (Promo 12’’ Dance Mix)

Foul Play (1979) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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