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A soundtrack for the film “Flight Of The Navigator” was never produced or released. In 1995, the Alan Silvestri film score was released on CD but went quickly out-of-print. This special edition contains four bonus songs as heard in the film plus two dance remixes. The soundtrack remain unreleased and out-of-print in any format.


  1. Theme from “Flight of the Navigator”
  2. Main Title
  3. The Ship Beckons
  4. David In The Woods
  5. Robot Romp
  6. Transporting The Ship
  7. Ship Drop
  8. “Have To Help a Friend”
  9. The Shadow Universe
10. Flight
11. Finale
12. Star Dancing
13. Blancmange - Lose Your Love
14. Bob Esty & Michelle Aller - Love Fire
15.  John Travolta  & Olivia Newton-John - You’re The One That I Want
16. The Beach Boys - I Get Around
17. Blancmange - Lose Your Love (This Club Mix)
18. Blancmange - Lose Your Love (Extended Remix)

Flight Of The Navigator (1986) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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