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CD's You Want will gladly transfer your out-of-print vinyl and cassettes to digital formats or CD.


This service is for transfer of an double LP or cassette of music to either CDR or Digital .WAV files. and creation of artwork.  Included is artwork scanned and formatted to a two sided, front and inside front insert, a double CD jewel case, a back jewel case insert.


Step One:
Securely Package your LP or cassette and Mail it to:

9355 113th St. N


Seminole, FL. 33775 - 3467


Step Two:

Your files will be transferred from your LP's or cassettes, cleaned up as much as possible, then digitized or recorded to a CDR.


Step Three:
If obtaining physical media from us, please provide a return address for your LP's, cassettes and your CD's to be delivered to.


Media Mail or Priority Mail via USPS is recommended. Click on Estimate Shipping when you use check out for shipping options.


If you are downloading, a link will be provided to you upon completion of payment.

Double LP or Cassette Transfer to 2 CD's (With Artwork)

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