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Special edition soundtracks for the film's Dot And The Kangaroo (1977) and Around The World With Dot (1982). Both soundtracks were released originally on LP only in Australia. This special edition soundtrack contains both LP’s. There has been no reissue in any format and the titles remain out-of-print.


The Platypus
Ride In The Pouch Of A Red Kangaroo
Willie Wagtail
The Bunyip’s Gonna Get You
What Fun You Have When You’re A Frog
All We Ever Do All Day Is Quack
Ballet Sequence
One Day When I Was Walking
Lullaby (Sleep Little One Sleep)
Dot’s Theme

I Love To Walk Around New York
Are You Coming To The Circus?
You Oughta Do What You Can Do Best
Dot In The Sleigh
The Sleigh Song
Easy To Be Lonely
The Real World Of The Circus

Dot And The Kangaroo (1977) Around The World (1982) Special Edition Soundtracks

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