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A soundtrack of incidental music for Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles was released on CD in various countries and was out-of-print by the mid 2000’s. This special edition includes five bonus songs as heard in the film plus two dance remixes. The soundtrack has had no reissue in any format.


Score By Basil Polodouris

Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles - Main Title
Croc Sinks The Boat / Croc Eats The Boat / Swimming / Mystical Mick
Hypnotize The Pig / Walking With Mikey / Beverly Hills
Spider / Spider In Hat
Studio Gate / Jungle Set
Walking With Mikey #2 / Mikey, Mick & Sue
Eraser Rat / Monkey Wrangler
Jacco Show and Tell / The Big Nanny / Dine And Drive
Down The Stairwell / L.A. Thing
Paintings / Clue Snoop / Who The Hell Is That?
Up The Ladder / Into The Jungle
Molotov Cocktail / Lions
Proposal / Wedding Day

MEN AT WORK w Cecelia Noel & The Wild Clams   Down Under
BLACK BOX  Strike It Up
MYSTIKAL  Mr. Big Talker
LEE KERNAGHAN  Boys From The Bush
MEN AT WORK  Down Under (Extended Remix)
BLACK BOX  Strike It Up (Dance Mix)

Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles (2001) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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