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There was no soundtrack release for Crocodile Dundee II -- this is it!


01. PETER BEST  Fishing / Main Titles / Breakfast / Breakfast
02. PETER BEST  The Meeting
03. PETER BEST  The Jumper
04. PETER BEST  The Kidnapping / Micks Visitor
05. PETER BEST  Following Mick
06. PETER BEST  The Drug Dealers Plans
07. PETER BEST  Knock at the door / Wakey Wakey / Mick Worries
08. PETER BEST  Rescuing Sue
09. PETER BEST  Bar Music / Into The Bush
10. PETER BEST  Micks Tricks
11. PETER BEST  Mick Leaves / Missing Person / The Hat
12. PETER BEST  Micks Bat Call
13. PETER BEST  Micks Surprise / Micks Message
14. PETER BEST  Micks Not Dead / Home / Happy Ending
15. PETER BEST  End Titles

Tracks 1 - 15 have been sourced from DVD audio.
16. DION The Wanderer
17. IGGY POP Real Wild Child (Wild One)
18. THE VENTURES  Walk, Don’t Run
19. IGGY POP  Real Wild Child (Wild One) Extended Dance Mix)

Crocodile Dundee II (1988) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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