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Special Edition version of the soundtrack for the 1986 film, Crocodile Dundee. The original soundtrack was released as a twelve track LP and a twenty-six track CD of incidental music by Peter Best.  Both versions were out-of-print by 1990.


This special edition version combines the twenty-six tracks with an additional four songs as heard in the film plus two bonus remixes. The soundtrack remains without

any reissue and out-of-print in any format.


  1      PETER BEST  Opening Title Theme
  2      PETER BEST  Mick & His Mate Cyril
  3     PETER BEST  The Walkabout Bounce
  4     PETER BEST  Goodnight Walter
  5     PETER BEST  In The Truck
  6     PETER BEST  The Buffalo
  7     PETER BEST  In The Boat
  8     PETER BEST  Never Never Land
  9     PETER BEST  The Death Roll
10    PETER BEST  Sunset
11     PETER BEST  Nice One, Skippy
12    PETER BEST  A Walk In The Bush
13    PETER BEST  Crocodile
14    PETER BEST  Echo Billabong
15    PETER BEST  Would You Mind
16    PETER BEST  Mick Meets New York
17    PETER BEST  G'Day
18    PETER BEST  Yessir
19    PETER BEST  Mad, Bad & Dangerous Vocals – Lindsay Field, Lisa Edwards
20    PETER BEST  The Pimp
21    PETER BEST  Stone The Crows
22    PETER BEST  That's Not A Knife
23    PETER BEST  Oh Richard
24    PETER BEST  The Pimp Returns
25    PETER BEST  Theme From Crocodile Dundee
26    PETER BEST  Overture From Crocodile Dundee
27    INXS  Different World
29    MENTAL AS ANYTHING  Sloppy Croc
30    MENTAL AS ANYTHING  Sloppier Croc
31    INXS Different World  [12” Version]
32    MENTAL AS ANYTHING Live It Up  [12” Remix]

Crocodile Dundee (1986) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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