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The 1989 film CREEPSHOW 2 did not have a soundtrack release. In 2014, a limited edition, 26 song vinyl only, double LP was released by WaxWork Records and is now

out-of-print. The score, co-composed and performed by Les Reed and Rick Wakeman, features a mix of both classic, orchestral compositions and electronic, synth cues. The soundtrack remains out-of-print in any format.


  1. Welcome To Another Edition Of Creepshow
  2. Old Chief Woodenhead
  3. Benjamin
  4. Cherished Treasures
  5. Here To Do A Little Shopping
  6. This Hair Is Gonna Get Me Paid Laid
  7. One More Step BLAM!
  8. Rock Candy
  9. There Aint No Dust In Hollywood
10. War Paint B
11. Tomahawk
12. Old Chief Woodenheads Revenge
13. May Your Spirit Rest Old One
14. Venus Fly Trap 15. The Raft
16. Help! It Hurts!
17. I’m Fast! I Can Make It!
18. Hold Me
19. Love Theme / I Beat You!
20. No Swimming
21. The Hitchhiker
22. You’re Seeing Things Bitch!
23. Thanks For The Ride Lady!
24. Shooting The Hitchhiker
25. You Killed Me!
26. Till Next Issue, Try To Stay Scared

Creepshow II (1989) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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