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A soundtrack for the 1978 film ‘CONVOY’ was released originally on LP, cassette and 8-track. It was based on a single by C.W. McCALL that went to #1 on the Billboard hot 100 singles in both pop and country in 1975. The soundtrack has not appeared on CD and has remained out-of-print since the late 1970’s. This special edition adds five bonus tracks to the original soundtrack.


1. CW MCCALL - Convoy

2. KENNY ROGERS - Lucille

3. GENE WATSON - Cowboys Don't Get Lucky All The Time

4. CHRYSTAL GAYLE - Don't Make It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

5. BILLY 'CRASH' CRADDOCK - I Cheated On A Good Womans Love

6. MERLE HAGGARD - Okie From Muskogee

7. GLEN CAMPBELL - Southern Nights

8. BILLIE JO SPEARS - Blanket On The Ground

9. DOC WATSON - Keep On The Sunny Side

10. ANNE MURRAY - Walk Right Back


11. C.W. MCCALL - Convoy (Original Version)

12. C.W. MCCALL - Around The World With A Rubber Duck

13. GLEN CAMPBELL - Southern Nights (Disco Purrfection Mix)

14. GLEN CAMPBELL - Southern Nights (Extended Mix)

15. C.W. MCCALL - Convoy (1990 Version)



Convoy (1978) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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