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The soundtrack for the 1978 film  CHEECH & CHONG’S UP IN SMOKE was released  originally on LP,  cassette and 8-Track.  2018 saw a special bundled Blu-Ray w CD and book and 2021 saw the release on LP only containing an expanded soundtrack. This special edition  contains all the songs as heard in the film plus four bonus tracks as heard during the Rock Fight. The soundtrack remains out-of-print on CD.


     1. Mr. Stoner   The Goddamned Finkelstein Shit, Kid
    2. CHEECH & CHONG  Up In Smoke
    3. WAR  Low Rider
    4. Pedro & Man 1st Gear, 2nd Gear
    5. THE MIRACLES  Love Machine (Pt. 1)
    6. CHEECH & CHONG Framed
    7.  SEARCH BOYS   Searchin’
    8. THE ROLLING STONES  Star-Star        
    9. Man & The Ajax Lady   The Ajax Lady
  10. YESCA    Strawberry’s
  11.  YESCA     Here Comes The Mounties To The Rescue
 12.  Pedro & Sgt. Stedenko   Sometimes When You Gotta Go, You Can’t
 13.  YESCA     Lost Due To Imcompetence (Big Green Van)
 14.  Pedro, Man, Sgt. Stedenko    Lard Ass
 15.  CHEECH & CHONG  Rock Fight
 16.  Man & Jade East I Didn’t Know Your Name Was Alex?
 17.  BERLIN BRATS   Psychotic
 18. THE DILS  You’re Not Blank
 19. THE GERMS   Sex Boy (Live)
20.  THE WHORES   Bi-School
21.  ALICE BOWIE     Earache My Eye
22.  CHEECH & CHONG    Up In Smoke (Reprise)
23.  CHEECH & CHONG    Up In Smoke (In Spanish)


Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke (1978) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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