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There was no soundtrack ever produced or created for the 1980 film, Cheech & Chong's Next Movie. This special edition version contains several tracks found only in the TV version plus two songs from their 1982 film NICE DREAMS.


KILLER                            Welcome (To The Next Movie) (*Mono TV Version Intro w Prologue)
KILLER                            Takin’ Off (Hell On Wheels)
TOMMY CHONG        Guitar Solo (*DVD Sourced)
THE KNACK                  My Sharona
CHEECH MARIN         My Scrotum (*DVD Sourced)
THE CHAMPS              Tequila
CHEECH MARIN         Mexican Americans (*DVD Sourced)
TOMMY CHONG        Beaners (*DVD Sourced)
RAY CHARLES             Hit The Road Jack
HALL & OATES            Rich Girl
WYNONIE HARRIS    Lovin’ Machine
JIMMY REED                Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do?
VIKKI CARR                  Across The Tracks
CHEECH & CHONG   Aztec Love Theme - Hey Cheech...
THE PRETENDERS    Space Invader
KILLER                            Takin’ Off (Hell On Wheels) (w Dialogue)
CHEECH & CHONG   Nice Dreams  *DVD Sourced (From the film 'NICE DREAMS')
CHEECH & CHONG   Save The Whales  *DVD Sourced (From the film 'NICE DREAMS')



Cheech and Chong's Next Movie (1980) Special Edition Soundtrack

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