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There was no soundtrack ever produced or issued for the 1985 film BREAKING THE RULES - this is it!

  1. MUDDY WATERS              Mannish Boy (I’m A Man)
  2. LOUISE GOFFIN                Kid Blue
  3. SHOES                                  Now And Then
  4. PAUL ZAZA                          Breaking All The Rules*
  5. PAUL ZAZA                          Fun Park*
  6. PIECES OF A DREAM     It’s Getting Hot In Here
  7. CAROL McCARTNEY      Stop Foolin’ Around
  8. SHANNON                          Let The Music Play


9.  SHOES                                  Now And Then (Demo)

10. SHANNON                         Let The Music Play (12” Remix)

* audio sourced from VHS

Breaking All The Rules (1985) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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