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There were two soundtrack releases for the 1993 film, “BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT” aka “BOUND BY HONOR.” First was an incidental score by Bill Conti. Second was a soundtrack of songs from (and inspired by) the film. This special edition soundtrack
combines the Conti Score and the songs from the film, including at least six tracks as heard in the film but missing from the original soundtrack.  Both versions of the soundtrack are out-of-print and remain without any reissue.


CHELO SILVA                              Como Un Perro
WAR                                                Low Rider
SANTANA                                    Jin-Go-Lo-Ba
THE ISLEY BROTHERS          Who’s That Lady?
AL GREEN                                    Take Me To The River
BOBBY MOORE &  RHYTHM ACES     Searching For My Love
JAMES BROWN                        Try Me
JIMI HENDRIX                           Little Wing
MALO                                            Cafe
WAR                                               Slippin’ In To Darkness
RICK JAMES                              Super Freak
ROGER VELASQUEZ              Mal Hombre
BILL CONTI                                Blood In Blood Out
BILL CONTI                                Prison
BILL CONTI                                Goodbye Al
BILL CONTI                                Miklo Goes Home
BILL CONTI                               Hilltop Shootout
BILL CONTI                               Cruz’s Reunion
BILL CONTI                               The Church
BILL CONTI                               Montana & Wallace
BILL CONTI                               Resolutions


Blood In, Blood Out (1993) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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