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A soundtrack for the 2014 film ‘BIG EYES’ was released on CD as a promotional only item and was never officially released. This special edition contains five bonus tracks as heard in the film. The soundtrack remains unreleased in any format.


  1    Big Eyes by LANA DEL RAY
  2    Bludan by CAST OF BIG EYES
  3    Doxy by MILES DAVIS
  4    Hey Now by RED GARLAND TRIO
  5    Tropicville by CAST OF BIG EYES
  6    Rik-A-Tik by THE LIVELY ONES
  7    A Minor Goof by CAJ TJADER
  8    I Can Fly by LANA DEL RAY
  9    Opening by DANNY ELFMAN
10    Who’s The Artist? by DANNY ELFMAN
11    Margaret  by DANNY ELFMAN
12    Walter by DANNY ELFMAN
13    Victory by DANNY ELFMAN
14    End Credits by DANNY ELFMAN
15    Moanin’ by CAL TJADER
16    They Can’t Take That Away From Me by DOUG WEBB
17    I Got You by JAMES BROWN
18    Hula-Moon by DIE HULA HAWAIIANS
19    I Can Fly (YoAv Arnon Up To The Sky Mix) by LANA DEL RAY


Big Eyes (2014) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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