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A soundtrack for the film BAD GUYS was released briefly on LP and cassette in the US. The soundtrack was out-of-print within a few years and there has been no reissue
in any format. This special edition contains four dance remixes.


PRECIOUS METAL            Bad Guys
THE KANE GANG              Respect Yourself
PAUL CHITEN                      Courting DIsaster
SPIDER TURNER               Mean Machine
THE REDSKINS                  You Want it, They’ve Got It
HAND TOOLS                     Snap Dance
WILLIAM GOLDSTEIN    Theme From Bad Guys
ROBERT JOHN                  Mean Streak
STARS ON 45                      Soul Medley
JEFF TYZIK                          My Hearts Desire

THE KANE GANG              Respect Yourself (Dutch 12” Mix)
THE KANE GANG              Respect Yourself (R & B Mix)
THE REDSKINS                  You Want It, They’ve Got It (Alternate Jamming! Magazine Mix)
HAND TOOLS                     Snap Dance (Snap-Appella Mix)

Bad Guys (1987) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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