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The soundtrack to Back to School was released briefly in 1986 on LP and cassette in the US and Canada. It has been out print over 30 years and there has been no reissue of any kind. This special edition version contains the original nine song soundtrack plus an additional four songs as heard in the film. The sound is fantastic.


1.  BACK TO SCHOOL  Performed By Jude Cole
2.  EDUCATED GIRL  Performed By Bobby Caldwell
3.  LEARNIN’ AND LIVIN’  Performed By Tyson & Schwartz

4.  EVERYBODY’S CRAZY  Performed By Michael Bolton
5.  I’ll NEVER FORGET YOUR FACE  Performed By Philip Ingram
6. TWIST & SHOUT  Performed By Rodney Dangerfield
7.  DEAD MAN’S PARTY (Soundtrack Version)  Performed By Oingo Boingo
8.  ON MY WAY  Performed By Tyson & Schwartz
9.  RESPECT  Performed By Aretha Franklin

10.  BARTLETT-A-DREAM  Performed By Enrico Caruso
11.  DEAD MAN’S PARTY (Party Til’ You’re Dead Mix) Performed By Oingo Boingo
12.  DEAD MAN’S PARTY (Album Version) Performed By Oingo Boingo
13.  BACK TO SCHOOL SOUNDTRACK SUITE  Performed By Danny Elfman

Back To School (1986) Special Edition Soundtrack

  • Contains: Jewel Case. Front and back artwork inserts and, as always, the disc itself is included free of charge

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