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The Madonna single “Live To Tell” was the only song or music released from the film AT CLOSE RANGE. There was no soundtrack for the film -- this is it!
The incidental score here is by Patrick Leonard and was sourced from the dvd and other digital media. Also includes four bonus songs as heard in the film plus two additional versions of “Live To Tell”.


01. Main Title
02. Father and Son (First Meeting)
03. Backroads Drive
04. Don’t Say Nothing Against The Family
05. At Night (Break In)
06. Laundry
07. Hitchhiking
08. Finding Terry
09. Terry Meets The Family
10. Stealing Tractors
11. Buckshot
12. Fun Times (Swimming)
13. Brad Jr. Keeps Watch
14. Murder (The Drowning)
15. Self Tattoo
16. Brad Jr. Is Arrested
17. The Rape
18. No Witnesses (Part 1)
19. No Witnesses (Part 2)
20. Seizure
21. Brad Senior’s Plan
22. The Shooting (Blood Shower)
23. Confrontation
24. He’s My Father
25. MADONNA - Live To Tell
26. Main Title
27. At Night
28. Murder

29. BILL LABOUNTY- Technique
30. TASTE OF HONEY - Boogie Oogie Oogie
32. MADONNA - Live To Tell [Instrumental]
32. MADONNA - Live To Tell [Special Extended Mix]


At Close Range (1985) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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