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The original score for April Fool’s Day by Charles Bernstein was released on LP only in 1986. In 2015, a limited edition version was released on CD.  Both titles are out-of-print. This special edition download includes two bonus songs as heard in the film.


01 Intro    
02 Main Title
03 Choke And Dagger
04 Pier Pressure
05 All's Well That Ends    
06 Snakes Alive
07 Stab In The Dark      
08 Hanging Around
09 The House
10 Trick Or Treat
11 Nan In Danger
12 Nightwatch
13 Sitting Duck    
14 Dead Man's Float      
15 Night
16 Getting The Point    
17 Little Miss Muffy
18 Muffy Attack
19 First Victim
20 Hack-In-The-Box
21 Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me Not To Come
22 Jerry Whitman - Too Bad You’re Crazy

April Fool's Day (1986) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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