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A soundtrack for A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET was released originally in 1984 on LP and cassette. In 2005 it appeared as an expanded score on CD while in 2015 it was released as part of an 8 disc collection of all the Nightmare soundtracks. In 2019 it had a 29 track LP reissue.  While several streaming options are available online, these physical versions are out-of-print.  This special edition contains twenty bonus tracks not found on the original.

    Main Title
    Laying The Traps
    Dream Attack
    Rod Hanged / Night Stalking
    Jail Cell
    Sleep Clinic
    Terror In The Tub
    No Escape
    School Horror / Stay Awake
    Telephone Terror
    Fountain Of Blood
    Evil Freddy
    Final Search
    Run Nancy
    Horror Movie (Source Cue)
    Nancy / Glen
    Freddy's Hat
    Bridge Talk
    Bars On Windows
    Freddy's Glove
    Dad At Glen's
    Boiler Room
    Show Yourself
    Morning After
    Freddy (Mono)
    Werd 1 (Stereo)
    Chase 1 (Stereo)
    Chase 2 (Mono)
    Rhythm 1 (Stereo)
    Theme Sketch (Stereo)
    Nightmare On Elm Street Concert Overture
    213 - Nightmare



A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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