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A soundtrack for the 1979 Blake Edwards comedy “10” was released originally on LP, cassette and 8-track tape. A CD release showed up for a limied time in 2013 in Japan, Germany and the U.S. Those titles and the soundtrack itself are out-of-print.


1        Don't Call It Love (Main Title) – Henry Mancini
2        He Pleases Me – Julie Andrews
3        Keyboard Harmony – Henry Mancini
4        It's Easy To Say – Henry Mancini with Chorus
5        Something For Jenny – Henry Mancini
6        Don't Call It Love  – Henry Mancini with Chorus
7        Get It On – Henry Mancini with Chorus
8        It's Easy To Say – Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews
9        The Hot Sand Mexican Band  – Henry Mancini
10        I Have An Ear For Love – "The Reverend" Max Showalter*
11        It's Easy To Say  – Dudley Moore
12        Ravel's Bolero

"10" (1979) Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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