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A  soundtrack for The Pirate Movie was released as a double lp and cassette around the world in 1982. The soundtrack went out of print within a few years. There has been no reissue in any format and no issue on CD. This special edition soundtrack contains the original twenty songs plus a bonus dance remix!


1.  Victory – Pirates featuring Mike Brady
2.  First Love – Kristy McNichol & Christopher Atkins
3.  How Can I Live Without Her? – Christopher Atkins
4.  Hold On – Kristy McNichol
5.  We Are The Pirates – Ian Mason
6.  Pumpin’ and Blowin’ – Kristy McNichol
7.  Stand Up and Sing – Kool and the Gang
8.  Happy Ending – Peter Cupples Band
9.  The Chase – Peter Sullivan & the Orchestra
10. I Am A Pirate King (The Pirate Movie) – Ted Hamilton & the Pirates
11. Happy Ending – The Cast
12. The Chinese Battle – Peter Sullivan & the Orchestra
13. The Modern Major General’s Song (Pirate Movie) – Bill Kerr & the Cast
14. We Are the Pirates – Ted Hamilton & the Pirates
15. Medley – Peter Sullivan & the Orchestra
16. Tarantara (Pirate Movie) – Garry McDonald & the Policemen
17. The Duel – Peter Sullivan & the Orchestra
18. The Sisters’ Song – The Sisters
19. Pirates, Police and Pizza – Peter Sullivan and the Orchestra
20. Come Friends, Who Plough the Sea – Ted Hamilton & the Pirates
21.  Stand Up and Sing (DJ Nilsson Remix) – Kool and the Gang

The Pirate Movie (1982) CD Special Edition Film Soundtrack

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